Mould found at “sanitized” Maple Leaf Foods plant

Despite promised cleaning, federal food inspectors have found meat debris, slime, mould and other unsanitary conditions at the Maple Leaf Foods plant in Toronto.

A Canadian Food Inspection Agency report was obtained by the Canadian Press this month detailing the infractions found at the plant last year, the same one that was at the forefront of the listeriosis outbreak and which was supposed to have been disinfected entirely.

Over 200 new health and safety operating procedures were implemented after the incident, mostly strict cleanliness guidelines, but some of the violations in the October 2008 report include meat and food debris on container bins, knife holders and the floor, rust on meat processing equipment, slime on a meat-trimming table and mould on calking, cardboard and skids within populated areas of the plant.

Mould in the workplace can present several inherent dangers for workers. Typical mold exposure can pose risks for those with asthma, allergies, lung conditions or immunodeficiencies. Mould can be found almost anywhere and severe reactions can involve fever and shortness of breath.

If mold is found, regardless of the species of mould, the Centre for Disease Control recommends removing it if it can be seen or smelled due to the amount present. Mould can also affect the look, smell, and structural integrity of some materials.

Areas where it is most likely to grow are spaces prone to water damage and increased moisture such as leaking pipes or places where condensation forms.   If mould is present, reducing worker exposure is key. The area(s) should be cleaned and disinfected as well as the moisture source eliminated. For large areas, an indoor air quality specialist or mould abatement contractor should be contacted. 

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A Call to Ban Asbestos

Asbestos is both a Hazardous Material and Designated Substance; a leading cause of cancer in the workplace.  As such, it is regulated in Ontario by the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

In fact, the risk it poses in the workplace is so great that it has inspired the formation of an organization called Ban Asbestos Canada (BAC)

Run by volunteers, Ban Asbestos Canada is a non-profit organization consisting of labour, public health, environmental & human rights groups, scientists, concerned citizens and families and victims of asbestos-related diseases.

Its mission is to “provide just compensation to those affected by asbestos , establish a national registry of asbestos diseases, and provide a just transition to those still working in the asbestos industry.”

Its overall goal is to ban asbestos globally and control the international transport of hazardous substances, such as asbestos.

Moreover, the organization wants the Canadian government to be accountable and take responsibility for its past promotion of this hazardous substance and the deadly toll it has taken on Canadians and those abroad.

Those interested in joining the fight can download a printable petition calling for a ban on asbestos that is available here. Simply print out, complete and send to:
Ban Asbestos Canada
c/o CUPE Health, Safety and Environment Branch
1375 St. Laurent Boulevard
Ottawa, Ontario K1G 0Z7

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