Asbestos and the Cost of Selling Your Home

Captain John’s was a landmark on Toronto’s waterfront, sitting at the base of Yonge Street – albeit a slightly cheesy one that many locals avoided. The old ship acted as a seafood restaurant for years before the city shut it down three years ago and the owner moved south. Nowadays, it’s looking for a buyer – and looking more and more like an eyesore. However, Ports Toronto’s demand for $50 million in insurance among other stipulations seems destined to kill any potential deals. Officials have noted that the high price tag for insurance is partly due to the presence of asbestos and other toxic contaminants on board.

It’s not the first – or the only by far – time asbestos, insurance and real estate sales have made an uneasy combination.

Asbestos and Real Estate Sales
On any given day, somewhere in the GTA, a home- or property owner is starting renovations and gets a nasty surprise that adds to the cost: asbestos removal. Similar situations routinely make headlines across North America as municipalities and other governments have to deal with aging buildings and all the issues that come from older construction standards – including asbestos.

Of course, it affects people not only when they want to renovate a building built before the mid-1980’s, it can also affect them when they go to resell.

The first thing that can be affected, naturally, are the costs. While it’s still not part of a typical home inspection (even though it should be!) more and more people are becoming savvy about the risks and are putting pressure on inspectors to specifically look for things like asbestos around pipe insulation and other areas where it may not be immediately obvious.

There’s no law just yet that says you can’t sell a house with asbestos in it – but there is one that says your real estate agent is obliged to disclose any relevant facts about the house to potential buyers, and that includes the presence of asbestos.

  • That means that homeowners are typically stuck with the bill for asbestos removal before any sale can take place.
  • In addition, some mortgage companies won’t finance the deal until any known asbestos is dealt with.
  • Insurance companies may not provide insurance and will often require a clearance letter to ascertain whether asbestos removal has been accomplished or not.
  • And no – your home insurance policy won’t cover the removal either.

Get Professional Help
When it comes to the derelict former floating restaurant at the foot of Yonge Street, observers expect that even finding an insurance company that will take the risk will be a challenge. Don`t take the chance. If you suspect or know of the presence of asbestos in your home, our experienced technicians offer professional, certified asbestos removal or asbestos remediation services.

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Asbestos causes demolition of entire city block

A city block in Brantford, Ontario, a city about an hour southwest of Toronto, was demolished this year because of asbestos concerns. The block is in the middle of downtown Brantford and contains a number of historical buildings that date back to 1840.

Despite a popular opinion that these buildings were so old they predated asbestos use and therefore posed no asbestos dangers, asbestos fibers were still found in pipe wrapping and floor tiles because of so many previous renovations. These types of renovations are extremely common in Canada’s heritage buildings, which usually cannot be demolished by law and are instead renovated and rehabilitated.   It took months for the city to finally be able to demolish the buildings because of repeated interventions by groups attempting to preserve the heritage buildings.  

Few of Canada’s heritage buildings are in the great shape they are in today because they’ve been left alone. Most have been renovated significantly over the years, even decades ago when asbestos was very common in many different types of building materials.   In the case of the Brantford demolition, extra precautions had to be taken to ensure that all of the rubble stayed in place because the demolition site was on top of a hill.

If older buildings are eventually demolished, it is extremely important to use a professional asbestos removal contractor so that asbestos does not contaminate the nearby ground. Many properties across Canada and in the United States have experienced significant problems or construction and development delays because the soil has been found to be contaminated with asbestos.

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