Flooring Asbestos

Asbestos In Flooring

City hall in St. Catharines, a small city in the Niagara peninsula just southwest of the GTA, is renovating, and...
Asbestos In Concrete Pipes

Asbestos In Concrete Pipes

When asbestos was king of construction materials, you might find it in any one of more than 3,000 products from...
48965799 Close Up Asphalt At The Road Under Construction.

Asbestos on the Road

A complaint by a resident north of Toronto and the GTA underscores the way asbestos was once used - virtually...
Bccsa Leads Country In Asbestos Education

BCCSA Leads Country In Asbestos Education

BCCSA - the British Columbia Construction Safety Alliance - has launched a new online course about working with asbestos that...
Working Around Asbestos

Working Around Asbestos

What's it like to work around asbestos? That's something the custodial workers in Ontario's schools are worried about. Asbestos in...
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GTA Residents Get Christmas Present: Asbestos-Free Homes

Just west of Toronto and the GTA, some apartment dwellers got an early Christmas present: asbestos free apartments. In October...
Canadian Mesothelioma Foundation

Asbestos Organization Hopes To Raise Awareness

The Canadian Mesothelioma Foundation (CMF) recently released a statement. “Asbestos-related diseases are by far the number one cause of death...
Asbestos Flood

Asbestos and Flooding

A recent landlord/tenant dispute highlights the dangers of asbestos and flooding. In a case that occurred in Calgary, Alberta, a...
Beyond The Asbestos Ban

Beyond the Asbestos Ban

In late 2018, the Canadian federal government finally did the right thing, and put the asbestos ban into effect. For...

Asbestos Removal Province-wide: Can Quebec Handle Its Asbestos Legacy?

It's been an eventful few years when it comes to the situation with asbestos, and asbestos legislation, in Canada. It...

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