Scientists find surprising link between asthma and mould

Many people are aware that mould can make asthma symptoms worse, resulting in asthmatics having difficulty breathing or even triggering dangerous asthma attacks.   However, research that was conducted by British scientists and published in December’s issue of the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine has found a surprising and significant reason mould can have such a terrible effect on people with asthma – the mould begins to grow in their lungs.

The warm and moist climate of the lungs provides a perfect place for mould to grow, and it can easily get into the lungs when the spores are inhaled.   The research was conducted at Glenfield Hospital in England.

One of the researchers said in the report that, “it is known that A. fumigatus can grow in the lungs of some people with asthma and mould allergy, which can cause severe lung damage.”

A. fumigatus is a species of Aspergillus, which is a common environmental mould known to irritate allergies and asthma and can be found in homes. The only way to prevent the inhalation of mould spores is to have the mould removed by a professional mould removal company.

Mould may not always be easy to spot, but a mould removal professional can find hidden mould and other problem spots like water damage that can provide an optimal environment for eventual mould growth.

According to the asthma study, 60% of people with asthma who were allergic to the mould had it growing in their lungs. Those who had the mould growth in their lungs also had much more serious narrowing of the airway. In fact, narrowing of the airways that doesn’t go away was found to actually cause the mould to grow in their lungs.

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