Asbestos one of the more common hazards found in Toronto homes

A number of heritage buildings in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), including a lake front cottage in Etobicoke that was built in 1899, are facing demolition because of the presence of asbestos and other heritage materials. Even if the heritage buildings were built before asbestos was widely used (although asbestos has been used since at least 1 A.D.), many were extensively renovated throughout the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s with asbestos materials.

These heritage buildings are difficult to tear down because of red tape, but eventually many of them are successfully demolished. These demolitions present a serious public health risk if an asbestos abatement is not conducted before the actual demolishing of the building takes place.

Older homes in Toronto can also face the same asbestos problems. They too, may have been built with asbestos materials or renovated within the past few decades with asbestos-containing materials. Because of this, 100-year-old or more homes can have costly insurance policies attached. In the past decades, the local Toronto media has reported on several people who had their existing home insurance policies cancelled or were otherwise told they’d have to undergo extensive renovations to remove the asbestos threat.

The majority of homes sold in Toronto are older homes. They certainly have their own unique character and charms, but in many cases insurers will place higher demands on homeowners to make changes to their home, such as undergoing an asbestos inspection and professional asbestos abatement if necessary.   You may want to get an asbestos inspection done on a home before making an offer, to see how difficult it might be to get insurance – without it, you can’t get a mortgage.

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