Study: asbestos starts killing you instantly

Particularly because of all the negative media attention Canada has received recently over asbestos exportation, many of us have gained an understanding of the risks associated with the fire-retardant fibre. It causes mesothelioma, a cancer in the lining covering the body’s protective organs – most commonly the lungs.

Mesothelioma and asbestos’ carcinogenic status are well-documented; asbestos remediation is thus a bigger priority than it was in the past. What isn’t as commonly known, however, is just how quickly asbestos exposure hurts you.

Based on a recent mesothelioma study by Japanese scientists, anyone who claims it takes years to build up health problems from asbestos is sorely mistaken.

Our bodies have cells called “natural killers” or NK cells which function as natural cancer defenders. They find and destroy any pre-cancerous growths before they become a threat to our health. As the Japanese study revealed, asbestos exposure kills our natural killer cells, giving cancer cells free reign to grow and attack us.

The scariest aspect of the finding is that asbestos exposure decreases our defense against cancer cells almost immediately. Scientist discovered that even a week of exposure to the fibres lowers our NK count. A control was done with fibreglass; the fibreglass did not decrease NK counts over a week’s time.

Is there any better case to make for asbestos removal? Exposure to asbestos literally takes one week or less to make us more susceptible to cancer. Any home or business owner thinking of contracting someone to eliminate your problem should understand now that it belongs at the top of the priority list.

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