The three “D’s” of eliminating toxic mould: Detect, Dry and Ditch

Who knew that winning the fight against toxic mould was simple as deploying the three “D’s” – Detecting, Drying and Ditching?

OK, so it’s not that simple. In truth, a certified mould removal company is the most effective path to eliminating mould. But the three “D’s,” recently outlined in media coverage of National Mould Awareness Month in the U.S., can help us understand the principles that best defeat mould.

Detect it!

The mould detection process is still best left to the experts but it certainly helps to understand the risk factors that foster mould growth. If we know the places mould loves to live, we can catch it early. Moist basements, particularly after floods, are the obvious culprit. But clogged drains, leaky pipes, showers and damaged roofs can also house toxic mould.  Keeping a close watch of those areas may help you spot it before it grows out of control and starts affecting your health.

Dry it!

This principle is particularly handy for all the hurricane and flood victims across North America right now. If your home has been rocked by a natural disaster – or if it’s been flooded by something man-made, like a bursting pipe – you have to eliminate the water and leftover moisture as soon as possible. Investing in a pump or shop vac may seem annoying at first but could save you the cost of a mould removal and countless other repairs.

Ditch it!

This is the hardest point of the three to hammer home. Many human beings are pack rats. We don’t like to throw away our possessions. We think things are salvageable. This mentality is the main reason why toxic mould surfaces when you think the risk is gone or after you’ve eliminated it.

Any replaceable item that is water-logged or mould-damaged – be it carpet, drywall or floor tiles – should be tossed away. Experts suggest cutting out up to a foot of the drywall above the water level of a flooded area. If you try to salvage badly damaged items, you’ll hurt yourself in the long run by giving mould a cushy place to grow.

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