Popcorn Ceilings – the Hidden Asbestos Hazard

Yesterday’s fads are quaint at best – dangerous at their worst. At one time, the so-called “popcorn ceiling” was everywhere.

Anyone over the age of 30 no doubt remembers those textured, stubbly ceiling treatments that were touted at the time as being easy to clean and maintain. It was a spray on treatment that was quick, easy and cheaper than paint, and could be used to mask imperfections and stains in older houses, and even poor quality workmanship in new buildings, probably all reasons that contributed to the popularity of popcorn ceilings during the latter half of the 20th century. Popcorn ceilings were also thought to have noise reduction qualities, and were often called “acoustic ceilings” as well.

On top of proving hard to clean and nearly impossible to fix up or repair in the event of any damage, (in contrast with the original claims!) and giving a room a very dated look, popcorn ceilings also often contain a hidden hazard. Do you know what was commonly used to create that stippled texture until its use was banned? Asbestos!

That’s right. From the late 1950’s until residential asbestos treatments were banned in the late 1970’s, asbestos was very commonly used in creating that unattractive “textured” look that you can find everywhere in homes from hallways to bedrooms and living rooms. If your home was built or renovated during that period and you have a popcorn ceiling, it almost certainly contains asbestos.

The first step towards ridding yourself of the eyesore and potential health hazard is to have the ceiling material tested for asbestos contamination . If asbestos is present, the next step is having the popcorn ceiling removed by certified experts. This is definitely not a “do-it-yourself” weekend job for handy homeowners. Once disturbed and broken apart, you can expose yourself to direct contact with dangerous asbestos. At GreenStream Envrionmental, our expert technicians are trained specifically in the safe and sound removal of popcorn ceiling, along with other types asbestos removal abatement and disposal.

Once the experts have done their job, you’ll be free to redecorate in a safe and friendly environment.

Should you suspect the presence of popcorn ceiling asbestos in your home or business, Contact GreenStreamEnvironmental.ca – Toronto’s asbestos removal specialists – at (416) 818-9414.

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