Popcorn Ceilings = Asbestos

An old home fashion trend may introduce asbestos into your life when you live in an older home in the GTA.

We’re not really sure why so-called popcorn ceilings were ever popular. They naturally gather dust, creating a dull look in no time. They’re also hard to clean, to add icing to the cake.

Popcorn or textured ceilings are also difficult to repair, often resulting in a patchwork of areas in different colour shades and with differing textures.

  • Now the kicker: They may be chock full of asbestos too.

That’s right. Asbestos is actually the textured part of the mixture, which also typically includes plaster or stucco.

Old Trends, Old Problems
For whatever reason, the popcorn ceiling was a popular trend in the 1950’s, before the health effects of asbestos were widely known and understood. Popcorn ceilings installed up to the late 1980s may contain up to 10 percent asbestos fibres.

In today’s overheated Toronto real estate market, it’s become common for buyers to compete, and to accept fixer-uppers in a state that they wouldn’t have before. That means many more unrenovated properties on the market, and a better chance you’ll encounter a popcorn ceiling or other form of asbestos containing material.

Your Popcorn Ceiling
If you have a popcorn ceiling, first, don’t panic. The stucco/asbestos material is not considered dangerous as long as it is kept intact.

  • That means being very careful about any cleaning or dusting.
  • If you disturb the material in any way – including installation of a home theatre or alarm system – then you need to consult a professional first.

If you suspect that your popcorn ceiling contains asbestos, or if it becomes damaged in any way, then you need professional help.

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