Asbestos in the Storm

In late September, the Ottawa region suffered storm damage, including
a verified tornado. But, when old buildings are damaged, there is a
risk of asbestos exposure along with any other issues that arise.

Storm Damage
Many of the buildings in the Ottawa and Gatineau areas were
constructed prior to the 1980s, and that means they most likely
contain asbestos in one form or another. Subjected to the fierce winds
of the tornado, the building materials themselves were damaged.

“Part of the building’s roof was torn off, leaving a trail of dust
behind it,” said a spokes person for L’Office municipal d’habitation
de Gatineau (OMHG) in a radio interview, referring to one of the
buildings managed by OMHG, which is known to include asbestos.

Parts of the building were closed off to prevent the dust – and
asbestos fibres – from spreading. According to the report, the
organization will likely reconstruct the building rather that demolish

The one saving grace? The rain likely meant that the dust didn’t
spread very far, even with the high winds.

What About Your Home?
If your home was built before the 1980s, it most likely contains
asbestos, and it may be found virtually anywhere from floor to
ceiling. When the material is intact, it is not considered a risk.

However, once the material has been damaged, it can release asbestos
dust. Once inhaled into the lungs, it never leaves, and can cause
serious health issues in the future, including lung cancers and deadly

There are many events which may damage asbestos and asbestos
containing materials and create friable – or inhalable – asbestos
dust. These include;

  • Renovations;
  • Fires, tornadoes and floods;
  • Installing home theatre or alarm systems that involve cutting into
  • Replacing old piping or attic insulation;
  • And more.

If you plan on having any work done on your home, you need to know if
there is asbestos in the mix.

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