Asbestos and Flooding

Asbestos Flood

A recent landlord/tenant dispute highlights the dangers of asbestos and flooding. In a case that occurred in Calgary, Alberta, a tenant faced eviction after withholding the rent from their apartment. Their reason? Flooding (four times in 16 months) and asbestos floor tiles. We can’t comment on the rent dispute. But, we can underscore the dangerous…

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Asbestos Removal On The Sly

asbestos removal in Toronto & GTA

Normally, a company that is responsibly dealing with asbestos removal issues would be something to applaud. But, when the existence of that asbestos has been shrouded in secrecy, you can see where problems come into the picture.

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Naturally Occurring Asbestos – Should You Worry?

Asbestos Type

With recurring claims and ongoing litigation involving asbestos in powder, and asbestos in cosmetics, naturally, the first question that has to come to mind is, how does asbestos come to be found in those substances? The answer: naturally occurring asbestos. Naturally occurring asbestosAsbestos is itself a natural substance, and like most other minerals, it is…

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Air Ducts, Asbestos, and the Air We Breathe

Working Around Asbestos

Air ducts and asbestos may not seem like they are related elements of a home or building construction. With the hot housing market in Toronto and the GTA, many older homes are going on the market unrenovated, in an as-is condition. It’s also more attractive to many homeowners to renovate than buy. That means you…

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Asbestos Removal – A Growing Industry

Greenstream Contractors

Asbestos removal and remediation are a growing industry across the globe. One survey, using data from all over the world, found that asbestos removal was growing at an average rate of about 24 percent overall. Asbestos Bans—And Asbestos Awareness Canada joined with more than 50 other countries in introducing a complete ban on asbestos. Colombia…

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Does Your Home Or Workplace Contain Asbestos?


Asbestos exposure and the illnesses associated with it – including deadly mesothelioma – are the biggest cause of workplace deaths in Canada today. But, how do you know if that danger is present in your home or place of work? Here’s a handy checklist of some of the main issues that should prompt you to…

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House Fires And Asbestos – What To Do

House fires are devastating enough, what with the loss of property, and in some cases, irreplaceable items, not to say the overall trauma of the experience. But safety should always be a paramount consideration, and asbestos may pose a risk that you need to consider. Asbestos in the home Asbestos may be present in a…

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Don’t Steal That Asbestos Removal Machine

A recent headline from the west coast couldn’t help but attract our attention: Richmond RCMP say stolen asbestos removal machine presents health risk. Wait, what? Someone stole an asbestos removal machine, and we have to wonder why. A rogue asbestos removal outfit? Are things really that wild out west? Whatever the motive, it was a…

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Asbestos in the Storm

In late September, the Ottawa region suffered storm damage, including a verified tornado. But, when old buildings are damaged, there is a risk of asbestos exposure along with any other issues that arise. Storm Damage Many of the buildings in the Ottawa and Gatineau areas were constructed prior to the 1980s, and that means they…

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Asbestos in Roofing Materials

A recent remediation project at a daycare centre in Southwestern Ontario can serve as a reminder that asbestos really can appear virtually anywhere in a home from floor to ceiling – and even on top of that. A Historical Problem The daycare centre in Wingham, Ontario, has been housed in a building that has proved…

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