Asbestos on the Road

48965799 Close Up Asphalt At The Road Under Construction.

A complaint by a resident north of Toronto and the GTA underscores the way asbestos was once used – virtually anywhere in residential and industrial construction, and also in public infrastructure.

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BCCSA Leads Country In Asbestos Education

Bccsa Leads Country In Asbestos Education

BCCSA – the British Columbia Construction Safety Alliance – has launched a new online course about working with asbestos that is a first in Canada. The system will be launched later this year. Asbestos expertiseAt GreenStream, we have been in the asbestos removal business for decades, and our experienced technicians are trained, and constantly upgrading…

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Asbestos and Flooding

Asbestos Flood

A recent landlord/tenant dispute highlights the dangers of asbestos and flooding. In a case that occurred in Calgary, Alberta, a tenant faced eviction after withholding the rent from their apartment. Their reason? Flooding (four times in 16 months) and asbestos floor tiles. We can’t comment on the rent dispute. But, we can underscore the dangerous…

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Naturally Occurring Asbestos – Should You Worry?

Asbestos Type

With recurring claims and ongoing litigation involving asbestos in powder, and asbestos in cosmetics, naturally, the first question that has to come to mind is, how does asbestos come to be found in those substances? The answer: naturally occurring asbestos. Naturally occurring asbestosAsbestos is itself a natural substance, and like most other minerals, it is…

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Air Ducts, Asbestos, and the Air We Breathe

Working Around Asbestos

Air ducts and asbestos may not seem like they are related elements of a home or building construction. With the hot housing market in Toronto and the GTA, many older homes are going on the market unrenovated, in an as-is condition. It’s also more attractive to many homeowners to renovate than buy. That means you…

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Home Renovations: Don’t Forget The Asbestos Risk

Home Renovation

Almost half of all Canadian homeowners plan on spending some money on home renovations. When you add in the hot GTA real estate scene, which has seen many fixer uppers flood the markets as desperate buyers compete for homes at seemingly any price, and you’ve got the current reno boom. The Asbestos Risk Resistant to…

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Toronto School Fire Raises Asbestos Concerns

A recent six-alarm blaze in a school shocked Toronto and made headlines across the GTA recently, and it looks like the damage may not be over – with asbestos now a potential risk. Fire at York Memorial C.I. Like many schools in the Toronto District and other area school boards, York Memorial C.I. was an…

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Asbestos Removal – In BC, The Punishment Fits The Crime

An asbestos removal contractor has been barred from the industry by the B.C. Supreme Court after being issued literally hundreds of orders for breaking the rules. The Story Seattle Environmental and related companies owned by Mike Singh have operated in the Lower Mainland area of greater Vancouver for several years. The court found the company…

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House Fires And Asbestos – What To Do

House fires are devastating enough, what with the loss of property, and in some cases, irreplaceable items, not to say the overall trauma of the experience. But safety should always be a paramount consideration, and asbestos may pose a risk that you need to consider. Asbestos in the home Asbestos may be present in a…

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