Asbestos on the Road

48965799 Close Up Asphalt At The Road Under Construction.

A complaint by a resident north of Toronto and the GTA underscores the way asbestos was once used – virtually anywhere in residential and industrial construction, and also in public infrastructure.

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BCCSA Leads Country In Asbestos Education

Bccsa Leads Country In Asbestos Education

BCCSA – the British Columbia Construction Safety Alliance – has launched a new online course about working with asbestos that is a first in Canada. The system will be launched later this year. Asbestos expertiseAt GreenStream, we have been in the asbestos removal business for decades, and our experienced technicians are trained, and constantly upgrading…

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Beyond the Asbestos Ban

Beyond The Asbestos Ban

In late 2018, the Canadian federal government finally did the right thing, and put the asbestos ban into effect. For most of the 20th century, and now into the 21st, asbestos continues to be a public health hazard, and a leading cause of workplace deaths. Beyond the ban: PreventionMany health and safety experts are now…

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Asbestos Removal On The Sly

asbestos removal in Toronto & GTA

Normally, a company that is responsibly dealing with asbestos removal issues would be something to applaud. But, when the existence of that asbestos has been shrouded in secrecy, you can see where problems come into the picture.

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BC Company Nets $18K Fine For Asbestos Violations


With Toronto and the GTA’s old stock of housing, you’d think there would be more stories about asbestos violations in our area in Southern Ontario. But, there’s yet another story of asbestos mishandling from BC making the media rounds. Asbestos violationsSpecifically, the list of charges included: One company was charged with two counts of failing…

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Toronto School Fire Raises Asbestos Concerns

A recent six-alarm blaze in a school shocked Toronto and made headlines across the GTA recently, and it looks like the damage may not be over – with asbestos now a potential risk. Fire at York Memorial C.I. Like many schools in the Toronto District and other area school boards, York Memorial C.I. was an…

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Mouldy Toronto Home Sells For $650K

Mouldy home? No problem – at least, not for some buyers in Toronto’s crazed real estate market. A home in Scarborough, in the east end of the city, just sold for $650,000, a full $100,100 over the asking price, despite the fact that it was literally riddled with mould. A Buyer’s Nightmare – Or Not?…

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